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Leisure Marine



JFC Marine Fuel Tanks are a safe, clean and mobile method of transporting fuel for various applications. Designed to transport and distribute, Diesel, Petrol* or AdBlue for a variety of marine applications.

They are suitable for re-fuelling at a range of marine sites including ship / boat yard decks, jetty or dredging locations. View our range of Marine Fuel Tanks here. 


JFC Marine also supply a range of Marine Pontoon Floats suitable for the leisure marine sector.

The Eco-System is an innovative slip resistant block system with interlocking sections that connect together forming the pontoon. Modular in design for easy of assembly they are suitable for several marine applications. Its base is distributed across four individual contacts points designed to reduce the pressure of underlying currents ensuring excellent stability on the water.

These pontoons are used for a range of applications for specific projects or floating events including:

  • Pontoons
  • Marina Events
  • Nautical sites
  • Temporary bridges
  • Floating barge
  • Private beach
  • Floating terrace / Island
  • Platform for shooting
  • Diving boards
  • Platform for Jet skis or boats
  • Heliport
  • Fish farming
  • Industrial or private quay