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Monitoring & Control Systems

JFC’s range of remote monitoring and control systems provide users such as major port authorities and coast guards with the ability to effectively monitor and control their AtoN installations from real-time data in a very cost effective manner.

Monitoring & Control systems available:

Racon, Fog Signals & Detectors also available on request. Contact JFC for further information.

AIS (Automatic Identification Systems)

AIS is a maritime information system developed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). This sophisticated radio technology enables the exchange of information between different marine entities. Information provided by AIS equipment, such as unique identification, position, course, and speed, can be displayed on a screen and is intended to assist a vessel’s watch standing officers and allow maritime authorities to track and monitor vessel movements. 

AIS-Screen-1   AIS-Screen-2


An AIS AtoN is an AIS transceiver designed specifically for installation on marine Aids to Navigation (buoys, etc.). An AIS AtoN transmits the position of an Aid to Navigation, it can be interfaced to a wide range of sensors such as metrological and hydrological devices as well as with the lantern and other equipment located at the point of installation. For further information contact JFC


  • Improved maritime domain awareness
  • Accurate real-time monitoring of buoy positions in all weather conditions
  • Dynamic marking of shipping lanes
  • Instant marking of new hazards with virtual AtoN projection feature
  • Automatic alerts in the event of buoy or lantern malfunction

Light Guard

Remote Monitoring and Control of Aids to Navigation

LightGuard is the SABIK product family for remote monitoring and control all kinds of fixed and floating Aids to Navigation. LightGuard is based on extensive experience of remote monitoring with different technologies and approaches. For further information contact JFC

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Additional Information:

Synchronisation (GPS)

For flash synchronisation of lanterns installed over long ranges, JFC supply a range of advanced GPS systems. These GPS systems provides users with the ability to make a channel, port or river with independently operating lanterns that all flash in synchronisation.


Power Systems (Batteries / Solar Panels)

Power-SystemsJFC Marine can also supply and install a complete range of power system to suit all marine lantern requirements.

The range includes

  • Solar Power Systems
  • Self-Contained Power Systems
  • Main’s Powered Systems

Solar Power Systems

We supply and install a range of marine grade solar power systems to suit all lanterns. These include:

  • Solar Panels
  • Regulators
  • 12V Batteries (Gel & Sealed Lead Acid)
  • Battery Boxes – Waterproof (IP Rated) Both Stainless Steel and durable Plastic boxes varieties available.
  • Customised Mounting Brackets for Solar panels, battery boxes, etc.
  • Marine Lanterns to suit

Self-Contained Power Systems

JFC manufacture and supply a range of self-contained power systems. These include:

  • Solar panels, batteries and regulators all contained within a single unit.
  • Interchangeable lantern mounting structure located on the top of the unit allowing user complete flexibility in employing whatever lantern option you prefer or require.
  • Systems can be integrated with AIS or GSM if required.  
  • Waterproof (IP rated)
  • Marine Lanterns to suit

Mains Power Systems

JFC can supply a complete main’s powered system (with converter) or a 12 volt battery back-up system in the event of a power failure. These include:

  • Converters
  • IP Rated Battery Boxes
  • Chargers 12V (Mains Back-Up)
  • Batteries
  • Lanterns to suit