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With over 30 years’ experience in the rotational moulding industry, JFC specialise in providing quality innovative product solutions.

In 2005, JFC developed a new marine focus. The first product in the company’s new marine range was a mussel float that now delivers mussel farmers the world over many advantages. Since its launch to market JFC mussel floats have helped mussel farmers to substantially increase yields and reduce crop losses. We now supply a range of products to the Aquaculture sector including Abalone Trays, Shrimp Graders and Storage Tanks.

From experience and product knowledge gained in serving the Aquaculture market we expanded our marine focus to provide a portfolio of Marine Aids to Navigation product solutions.We now offer a complete range of polyethylene navigation buoys / Lanterns, monitoring and control systems to suit all marine applications. These products are successfully being used to mark out shipping channels, hazardous waters, aquaculture sites and a variety of other marine installations. Our extensive portfolio includes Navigation Buoys, Navigation Solar Lanterns (Beacons), Marker Posts and Top Marks. In addition we also supply a range of Marine Pontoon Floats for the leisure marine sector.

A member of IALA (Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities), JFC buoys and lanterns are manufactured in accordance with IALA guidelines. In addition we also supply a range of remote monitoring & control (GSM, AIS) and alarm systems used by mariners including coast guards and major port authorities.

JFC is now exporting these products all over the world to customers in a number of sectors including the Energy sector. They can be found marking channels to oil rigs and safe marking wind farm sites in many different oceans. For more information on our marine product solutions or to discuss your marine project requirements, contact us today for a free consultation.