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With over 29 years’ experience in the plastic moulding industry, JFC specialise in providing quality rotationally moulded plastic products.  In 2005, JFC developed a new marine focus. The first product in the company’s new marine range was a mussel float that now delivers mussel farmers the world over many advantages. Since its launch to market JFC mussel floats have helped mussel farmers to substantially increase yields and reduce crop losses. Indeed we now supply a range of products to the Aquaculture sector including Abalone Tanks, Shrimp Graders and Storage Tanks.

JFC Mussel Floats

JFC superior  performance polyethylene mussel floats are designed and manufactured for the most demanding conditions. Ideal for inshore and offshore locations, they are proven in the most exposed conditions of the Atlantic Ocean, and can significantly improve the profitability of mussel farming enterprises. The JFC float has been specifically designed so that they can withstand the pressures of high waves and sit steadily on the water, even when loaded with a full crop of mussels.

The patented stability fin of the JFC mussel floats ensures that our floats have a low profile in the water, causing limited vertical motion and reduced stress on the mussels. Consequently this “reduced stress” means that the mussels can concentrate on growing as opposed to expending their energy on trying to remain attached to the rope during turbulent conditions.In addition the fin design ensures the mussel holding lines do not brush “up and down” so preventing the crop from falling back into the sea. The end result is that mussels grown using JFC mussel floats, grow larger, have a higher meat quality, and are much less susceptible to losses. All of these factors culminate in significantly increased yields over a shorter time period for the mussel farmer.

JFC polyethylene mussel floats have the potential to substantially boost the profitability of the rope-mussels industry whilst simultaneously reducing the number of mussel floats required per site. This should assist mussel farmers in successfully applying for licenses to produce mussels as the visual impact of using JFC mussel floats on-site is minimized, addressing a key concern of some regulatory bodies.

Tried and tested JFC mussel floats have shown proven results carried out by independent trials.  Internationally renowned mussel production expert Dr John Bonardelli (a world leading independent shellfish production specialist) evaluated and compared the efficiency of JFC mussel floats compared to other similar sized floats commonly used in the rope-grown industry. A trial involving 5 experienced mussel growers in three different coastal counties across Ireland. According to Dr Bonardelli “JFC mussel floats clearly demonstrate that rope grown mussels from long lines using JFC mussel floats are more effective in producing higher commercial yields in a shorter time frame than for mussels stocks with similar histories using other equivalent volume floats”.