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Our Process


At JFC we have a dedicated in-house team of R&D specialists with a fully equipped mould fabrication workshop with state of the art rotational moulding machines which allow us to offer specialist manufacturing of bespoke products. 

Approved to ISO 9001-2008 standards, JFC designs all products in-house, fabricates moulds and manufactures solutions with the most advanced machinery available in the rotational moulding industry today.

Furthermore, using Pro-engineer software enables the in-house design team to simulate finished products on screen before work commences on the building of the mould. This system gives the business an opportunity to eliminate potential design faults, improve aesthetics and gives excellent visual concept of the finished product in advance of tool fabrication. 

Our success is based on our ability to partner with the client and work as a team to ensure that projects and products are produced swiftly, to the highest standards and within budget.

JFC has product experience across several industry sectors including Agriculture, Construction / Civil Engineering, Aquaculture & Marine and Material Handling which when allied with innovative plastic design and manufacturing technology provides our customers with a unique and comprehensive product manufacturing service. 


Bringing Product Concepts to Reality

There are 4 principal stages involved: 

Product Design

A product design specification is created which sets out the aims and objectives of the design and evaluates the product application taking into consideration any regulatory requirements.  Once finalised a number of concepts are developed using ProEngineer 3D CAD software and reviewed until a final detailed design is agreed. Structural finite element analysis (FEA) is conducted to identify any possible structural weaknesses before conducting a final design review process.

Product-Design  FEA1

Mould Design & Manufacture

A mould is designed and created to meet the product design specification.  JFC have a broad range of mould building capabilities and manufacture moulds in one of three ways depending on size, shape and complexity of the product:  Cast Aluminium Moulds, Sheet Metal Moulds & CNC Machined Moulds.

 Mould-Design-Manufacture Mould-Design-Manufacture-2 Mould-Design-Manufacture-3

Production Samples

Production samples are produced from the completed mould.  During this stage the processing parameters are set and honed to produce a quality part.

Product Testing & Verification

This is the last stage in the product development process where the finished production parts are tested against the design requirements.  Testing can be both laboratory based and field tested as required.

Product-Testing-Verification-1 Product-Testing-Verification-2 Product-Testing-Verification-3