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Data Buoys

JFC Marine offer a complete range of Data or Met Acquisition Buoy, floating structure solutions. The Buoy day mark is custom designed to customer specifications to host the necessary instrumentation required eg. weather stations, sensors, measuring instruments, wind or solar generators, data transmission, technical compartments etc 


Features & Benefits

Modular Buoy Design

      • Excellent strength and durability
      • Increased flexibility
      • Easier to transport

Built-in Moon Pool in Buoy Hull

      • Protection for sensor and measuring  instruments
      • Reduces risk of water ingress

Easy Accessible Hull Section

      • Low height from ground
      • Slip resistant platform


      • Single Bridle mooring
      • 2 point mooring
      • 2 to 4 lifting eyes (dependent on buoy type)

Customisation of Day Marks

      • IP Rated storage compartments battery boxes
      • Safe work area (Crow’s Nest fitted if required


Data Buoy Specification

Product Code G1500-DB G2200-DB SG2600-DB SG3000-DB

1500 Gannet

Data Buoy

2200 Gannet

Data Buoy

2600 Seagull

Data Buoy

3000 Seagull

Data Buoy






Focal Height  1500-2500mm 3000-3500mm 3000-5000mm 3000-6000mm


Additional Information: