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Ø3000mm Seagull Navigation Buoy


JFC are delighted to introduce our new range of Seagull Navigation Buoys, which aim to set a new standard in floating Aids to Navigation. This modular buoy is designed for use for both inshore and offshore applications.

This buoy has been designed with an emphasis on durability, flexibility, and economy throughout. It features a unique hull, central core and ballast arrangement, with a modular adaptable day mark. It also boasts excellent structural stability characteristics, power versatility and environmental credentials.

Made from rotationally moulded UV stabilised virgin polyethylene designed especially for marine applications (UV15 rating). Extra strength mooring and lifting eyes ensure ease of manoeuvrability and improved mooring flexibility and service life of the buoy.

By addressing key design criteria it can reduce costs and maximise servicing intervals. Safe access for maintenance personnel and ease of operation have been prioritised as have all deployment, mooring and retrieval requirements.

The Seagull buoy range is manufactured in accordance with the IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities) high visibility colours and shapes to suit a arrange of installation requirements. (Guideline No: 1006)

Product Code


Focal Height (above water)

SG3000 Ø3000mm Navigation Buoy 4.0 – 6.0m +

NB3000-key-featuresFeatures & Benefits 

  • Large high focal plane
  • High visual and radar conspicuity
  • Aluminium crow’s nest
  • Large modular plastic day mark
  • Suitable for any power system requirements
  • Optional integrated battery compartments
  • Unique chassis with open central core
  • Multiple lifting and mooring points
  • Adjustable cast iron ballast
  • Shallow draft
  • Reduced hydrodynamic and aerodynamic drag
  • UV15 stabilised polyethylene throughout
  • Excellent strength, durability and stability characteristics
  • Ease of maintenance  –  servicing and storage
  • Safe access for maintenance personnel
  • Reduced capital and operational cost





Key Product Features

NB30001. Polyethylene Modular Design

  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Highly visible daymark with solid silhouette
  • Improved assembly  (ease, speed & flexibility)
  • No sandblasting required
  • Reduced carbon footprint –  sustainable  and recyclable
  • Reduced aerodynamic drag
  • Reduced maintenance and operational costs 


2. Unique Centre Core Design

  • sg3000-3gCentral core and ballast arrangement designed for both maximum stability and ease of storage on land or ship’s deck
  • Superior structural strength due to centre core design
  • Internal bracing system from lifting to mooring eye
    • 4 Large lifting eyes for ease of manoeuvrability
    • 15 Ton static load capacity
  • 4 wear resistant mooring eyes for improved mooring flexibility and service life
    • Replaceable bushings on mooring eyes
  • Increased stability
  • Mooring eyes near centre of gravity
  • Optional access through hull or subsea seasons
  • Optional Wave Activated Generator (WAG)
  • Shallow overall draft


3. Adjustable Ballast

  • sg3000-4gAdjustable ballast with minimised drag
  • 2 lifting handles located on ballast
    • Safe lifting loads for 2 people
    • Interlocking ballast
  • Easy to install and dismantle
  • Drag and associated mooring loads minimised
  • Bridle mooring for increased stability recommended


Crows-Nest-NB30004. Crow’s Nest

  • Aluminium crow’s nest fitted for enhanced personnel safety
  • Increased radar response
  • Easy access to solar panels, beacons and racons for maintenance purposes
  • Flexibility for AtoN and Non AtoN systems

5. Power Systems

  • sg3000-7gPower system flexibility
  • Recessed elements for increased protection of solar panels and ladder
  • Reduced drag
  • 8 recessed solar panel compartments available (dependent on buoy configuration)
  • Accessible and scalable photovoltaic solar array

sg3000-6g6. Centre Tower Structure

  • Galvanised steel centre pole for additional tower structural strength
  • High focal plane achievable
  • High radar visibility
  • Recessed vertical ladder for safe access
  • Aluminium / lattice daymark options also available

sg3000-9g7. Storage Compartment

  • Built-in battery holding compartments
  • Improved battery storage capacity


8. Bottom Plate

  • Enables buoy to sit upright providing
    • sg3000-5Increased storage space on land
    • Increased effective storage area on ship’s deck
  • Easier to secure on ships deck
  • Protects the ballast during loading and unloading


Quality Assurance

Manufactured to ISO 9001: 2008 quality assurance systems



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