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Solar Marine Lanterns/Beacons


JFC supply a range of Navigation Lanterns which have proven to be reliable, long-lasting and a cost effective means to increase nautical safety. These lights can be used to mark hazards in fixed or stationary locations on land but are often mounted on buoys in the water.

Our AtoN navigation solar lanterns are currently in use as marine navigation aids configured for various nautical marking applications ranging from large industrial ports and commercial marinas to small lakeside docks and private waterfronts. We can quickly and cost effectively supply and deliver custom marine navigation lighting and nautical hazard marking solutions.

The lights are available in a range of high visibility colours In Accordance with IALA Maritime Buoyage System. All Lanterns may be set to any of the 256 IALA recommended flash settings which are user-adjustable onsite without the need for external devices.

Manufactured specifically for the harshest of marine environments and conditions these lights have been tested in the most extreme maritime locations. They are being used for very wide variety of applications including oil and gas, port and harbour authorities, waterways and lakes, aquaculture and recreation applications to name a few.