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Top Marks

JFC supply a range of Marine Top Marks manufactured and designed in accordance with the IALA Maritime Buoyage System. They are available in both polyethylene and galvanised varieties.

Available in various dimensions to suit all navigation buoy sizes and applications. Top marks can be fitted with radar reflectors if required. Top Mark options include; Cardinal Marks, Isolated Danger Marks, Safe Water Marks, Special Marks, and Safe or Emergency Wreck marks.

Colours: In Accordance with IALA Maritime Buoyage System

Dimensions: Manufactured to customer specification
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Lateral Marks

Lateral-MarksLateral marks define a channel and indicate the port and starboard sides of the navigation route to be follows into a waterway such as a harbours, river or estuary.

Cardinal Marks

A Cardinal mark is used to signify a danger and show where the safest water can be found. Cardinal marks indicate the direction of safety as a compass direction relative to the mark.

 Cardinal-MarksCardinal marks can be used to show the following:

  • The deepest water on an area on the named side of the mark
  • The safe side on which to pass a danger
  • Draw attention to a feature in a channel such as a bend, junction or end of a shoal.
  • North, South, East & West Marks available

The unique way cardinal marks use the points of a compass to signal safety makes them meaningful regardless of the direction of the approaching vessel.

Isolated Danger Marks

Isolated-Danger-MarkAn isolated danger mark is used to indicate a hazard to shipping such as a submerged rock or wreck which has navigable water all around it.  It is erected or moored above the hazard.

Special Marks

Special-MarkSpecial marks do not usually assist navigation but are used to indicate a feature such as recreation zones, speed limits, mooring areas or cable and pipe lines including outfall sewerage pipes.

Safe Water Marks

Safe water marks indicate there is navigable water all around the mark including the end of a channel or mid channel; however, this mark does not mark a danger. They are the only mark to have vertical stripes. 

Emergency Wreck Marks

An Emergency Wreck Mark isdesigned to provide a high visual aid to navigation recognition. It is placed as close to the wreck as possible to warn of the danger whilst arrangements are made for the wreck to be disposed.